What is Concierge?

Our Concierge Services allow for Members to have a more dedicated and focused approach to their health and well being. Members are given a more extensive annual physical examination that goes well beyond what is covered by general health insurance and allows Dr. Hicks more latitude towards testing, diagnosis and your understanding of lab results.

Also, Members will have the ability to contact Dr. Hicks after hours for urgent care needs and treatment. We are proud to offer this benefit to Members as it may ultimately save time and the extra expense of having to proceed to a medical office or urgent care. Additionally, you will be afforded a same or next day appointment.

Members, will also receive exclusive discounts on services such as Botox, Dermal Fillers, Office Visit, BHRT (Men Only), Labs, etc...


$1,200 (per year)
  • After Hour Access to Physician
  • Comprehensive Yearly Physical Examination
  • Extensive Laboratory Testing
  • Same/Next Day Appointment
  • 10% Discount on All Services
  • Personalized Care